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Thread: Oracle Database Performance Tuning Training in Delhi or Online (Advanced)

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    Oracle Database Performance Tuning Training in Delhi or Online (Advanced)

    PRE Requisites: Knowledge of Oracle Database Administration (with RAC)

    Covers Multiple Scenarios encountered, approach followed to troubleshoot and resolve Performance Issues including SQLs for quick diagnosis.

    Approach to a Performance Problem

    • Type of User Complains
    • Scope of the Problem
    • Circumstances which led to the Problem
    • Issue Verification
    • Data Collection

    Information Gathering : Sessions, Statistics , Wait Events and interpret multiple waits.
    Analysing the OS command output

    • Basic Tuning Tools (Prac)
    • Monitoring tools overview
    • Enterprise Manager V$ Views,
    • Statistics and Metrics
    • Wait Events
    • Alert Log
    • OS Tools and commands for CPU and Memory : top , vmstat , free , iostat
    • Tracking CPU Utilization, High CPU Consuming Processes and Sessions
    • User Trace Files
    • Monitor Sessions and Processes at Runtime

    Information Gathering : Using AWR Reports and Advisories

    • Diagnosis of Server Memory Issues
    • Tracking CPU Utilization, High CPU Consuming Processes and Sessions
    • AWR Reports for Single Instance / RAC
    • Reading the AWR Report
    • Comparing the AWR Report
    • Comparative Performance Analysis with AWR Baselines
    • Automatic Workload Repository Baselines
    • Hang Analyze to diagnose hanging and performance problems
    • Automatic Maintenance Tasks
    • ADDM Performance Monitoring
    • Active Session History: Overview

    Information Gathering : SQL Tuning with Multiple Examples for Perf. Tuning Approach
    Tracing SQL and Tracing Sessions

    Influencing the Optimizer

    • Functions of the Query Optimizer, Selectivity, Cardinality and Cost & Changing Optimizer Behavior
    • Checking Statistics
    • Gathering the execution Plan
    • Tracing a Database Session , Using TKPROF to analyze a trace File
    • Interpreting the Execution Plan Output through several examples
    • Collecting Schema, table and index statistics (dbms_stats)
    • Using Hints, Optimizer Statistics & Extended Statistics
    • Controlling the Behavior of the Optimizer with Parameters
    • Enabling Query Optimizer Features & Influencing the Optimizer Approach
    • Optimizing SQL Statements, Access Paths & Choosing an Access Path
    • Join & Sort Operations
    • Reducing the Cost
    • Creating a SQL Performance Analyzer Task
    • SQL Advisor
    • Auditing Requirements

    Diagnosing Locks and Latch Issues and Rectification,
    Tuning SGA , PGA and Temporary Space Issues

    • Understanding Locks
    • Detect enqueue contention
    • Inter Instance Locks for RAC
    • Understanding Latches and Performance Issues on account of Latches
    • Diagnose and Resolve Latch Issues
    • Tuning the Shared Pool
    • Library Cache locks and Invalidations
    • Row Cache Locks
    • latch Buffer Cache Chains and Hot Blocks
    • Tuning the Buffer Cache
    • Automatic Shared Memory Management
    • SGA and Buffer Cache Considerations for RAC
    • Diagnose PGA memory issues
    • Size the PGA memory
    • Diagnose temporary space issues

    Checkpoint and Redo Tuning and Instance Recovery,Tuning Block Space Usage

    • Diagnose checkpoint and redo issues
    • Implement Fast Start MTTR target (including RAC perspective)
    • Implement multiple database writers
    • Tune the redo chain
    • Size the redo log file
    • How to Speed Instance Recovery for Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC)
    • What should be the size of the log buffer
    • Diagnose table fragmentation
    • Reorganise Tables, Indexes
    • Reorganize Tablespaces to remove Fragmentation

    Considerations for RAC Performance abd Best Practices

    • RAC Design Considerations & Network and Storage Considerations
    • Clusterware and Grid Infrastructure Considerations
    • RAC Database Considerations
    • Oracle RAC Services for better Utilization
    • Considerations for RAC Performance
    • Tracing Services in RAC
    • RAC Related Waits – gc wait events
    • 11g ADDM for Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC)
    • RACcheck
    • Collect Diagnostic Data in 11gR2 RAC Using Script
    • Understanding RAID Levels and Impact
    • ASM Disk organization

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