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Thread: RAC Upgrade to 11G2

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    RAC Upgrade to 11G2

    Rolling upgrade from 10.1/10.2/11.1 to 11.2

    Oracle Clusterware and Automatic Storage Management (ASM) are installed into a single Oracle home called the Grid home. This installation is referred to as the Oracle grid infrastructure for a cluster installation.
    When upgrading, you must upgrade both Oracle Clusterware and ASM at the same time.

    Before starting the upgrade please read the Oracle® Database Readme 11g Release 2 (11.2), to be aware of known issues.

    When upgrading Oracle Real Application Clusters from release or to release 11.2, rolling upgrade of Oracle Clusterware will require some additional steps (reference Bug 5198903). Complete the following to successfully complete the rolling upgrade:

    1. Upgrade Oracle Clusterware (that is, the CRS home) to release, or with CRS Bundle Patch#2 (reference Bug 5256865).
    2. Upgrade Oracle Clusterware from release to release 11.2.

    Note that each of the Oracle Clusterware upgrades in Steps 1 and 2 are rolling upgrades. Therefore, cluster outage is not required for these upgrades. Also note that it is not possible to do an in-place upgrade to Oracle Clusterware 11g Release 2.

    There is a similar requirement for rolling upgrade of to 11.2 (reference Bug 5860479). To
    successfully perform a rolling upgrade of Oracle Clusterware from, complete the following:

    1. Upgrade Oracle Clusterware (that is, the CRS home) to release
    2. Upgrade Oracle Clusterware from release to release 11.2.

    The Oracle Clusterware upgrades in Steps 1 and 2 are rolling upgrades, therefore no cluster outage is

    This is a problem for Oracle Real Application Clusters only. For single-instance database installations with Oracle ASM, Oracle Clusterware may be upgraded directly from release 10.1.x or 10.2.x to release 11.2.

    The upgrade steps

    1) Start the installer, and select the option to upgrade an existing Oracle Clusterware and Oracle ASM installation.

    2) On the node selection page, select all nodes.

    In contrast with releases prior to Oracle Clusterware 11g release 2, all upgrades are rolling upgrades, even if you select all nodes for the upgrade. If you are upgrading from to, then all nodes are selected by default. You cannot select or de-select the nodes.

    Oracle recommends that you select all cluster member nodes for the upgrade, and then shut down database instances on each node before you run the upgrade root script, starting the database instance up again on each node after the upgrade is complete. You can also use this procedure to upgrade a subset of nodes in the cluster.

    During an Oracle Clusterware installation, if Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) detects an existing Oracle
    Clusterware 10gR1/10gR2 or 11gR1, then you are given the option to perform a rolling upgrade by installing Oracle Clusterware 11gR2.

    The upgrade to Oracle Clusterware 11gR2 will be an out of place upgrade hence a new CRS_HOME including ASM will be created which will be refered as the new GRID_Infrastructure home. If an existing ASM_HOME is present in 10gR1/10gR2 or 11gR1 then ASM will be upgraded automatically as well, but the ASM instances / database must be down prior to the upgrade. The OUI will print the below warning immediately after detecting the ASM instance.

    Cause - The installer has detected that an earlier version of ASM is configured on the system.

    Action - If you intend to upgrade the ASM instance as part of this installation session, then you must shut down the ASM instance
    before proceeding. Oracle recommends that you shut down database instances using ASM before shutting down the ASM instance.

    After the new 11gR2 software is installed on all nodes the following configuration scripts need to be executed as the "root" user in each cluster node.

    Run the script on each node in the cluster that you want to upgrade. The script shuts down the earlier release installation, replaces it with the new Oracle Clusterware release, and starts the new Oracle Clusterware installation.After the script is run on a node, the upgraded Oracle Clusterware stack and AUTOSTART resources are started on the node.Run the script on each node on which you are performing the rolling upgrade. Run the script on the local node first. After the script completes successfully, you can run the script in parallel on all nodes except for one, which you select as the last node. When the script is run successfully on all the nodes except the last node, run the script on the last node.


    After this script run successfully on all nodes in the cluster the active and softwareversion on each node should be
    $GRID_Home/bin/crsctl query crs activeversion
    Oracle Clusterware active version on the cluster is []

    $GRID_Home/bin/crsctl query crs softwareversion
    Oracle Clusterware version on node [node1] is []

    The new OCR version should be version 3 using Oracle Clusterware 11gR2.
    Status of Oracle Cluster Registry is as follows :
    Version : 3

    After the successful upgrade to 11gR2 all the cluster resources should be ONLINE. In order to see the
    current status '$GRID_Home/bin/crsctl status resource -t' should run. The 11gR1 crs_stat command is obsolete in 11gR2.

    Rolling upgrade Database software

    If you use logical standby databases, you can use Oracle Data GuardSQL Apply to perform rolling upgrades to upgrade Oracle Database 10grelease 1 ( to release 1 ( During a rolling upgrade,you can run different releases of the Oracle software on the primaryand logical standby databases while you upgrade them one at a time. Ifyou do this, you will incur minimal downtime on the primarydatabase.For information and instructions on rolling upgrades withlogical standby databases, review document <Note:300479.1>

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