IT Resource:

IT Resource stores the configuration data of Actual Target Resource
One can define an IT Resource in the Advanced Administration Console in OIM by selecting Create IT Resource.

example :

The iPlanet User Resource Object will require to store configuration data related to actual Sun Directory Server somewhere in OIM. Information like Administrator of the Sun DS, password of the Administrator , Root DN , Hostname / IP Address, SSL or not etc for setting up connection with Sun Directory. We store this information in IT Resource and use this information while creating user into Sun Systems DS.

Forms in OIM: There are two types of forms in OIM which are used for showing and storing user data for provisioning. Forms are:

1. Object Form
2. Process Form

Object Form: Object form is associated with Resource Object. It is visible at the time of provisioning. It is used for getting some input from the user while provisioning. The objective is to store the data on the target Resource , but not to save it in OIM.

Example: user is raising request for some resource say “Resource A”. Client wants to store the Previous Company Name in the target resource and he doesn’t want to store this attribute in user Profile of that user. So we create one object form with one field say “Last Company Name”. While raising request for “Resource A”, user would be able to see this form and he has to fill his last company name.

Limitation: Can’t populate Target User Data on Object Form.

Process Form: This form is associated with provisioning process of any target resource. During a provisioning process, data flows to the actual target resource from process form only. Also During target Reconciliation data comes from the Target resource to the Users Resource Process form.

The Form Designer in Design Console is used to create process and resource object forms that do not come packaged with Oracle Identity Manager.