Oracle ASM Cluster File System (ACFS) is a general purpose cluster file system implemented as part of ASM. It can be used to store almost anything, including the database executables. Oracle ACFS supports many database and application files, including executables, database trace files, database alert logs, application reports, BFILEs, and configuration files. Other supported files are video, audio, text, images, engineering drawings, and other general-purpose application file data.

Oracle ACFS does not support any file that can be directly stored in Oracle ASM.
Oracle ACFS does not support files for the Oracle grid infrastructure home.

Oracle ACFS establishes and maintains communication with the Oracle ASM instance to participate in Oracle ASM state transitions including Oracle ASM instance and disk group status updates and disk group rebalancing.
Oracle ACFS is tightly coupled with Oracle Clusterware technology, participating directly in Clusterware cluster membership state transitions and in Oracle Clusterware resource-based high availability (HA) management. In addition, Oracle installation, configuration, verification, and management tools have been updated to support Oracle ACFS.

After the installation of Grid Infrastructure Software and before the installation of the Oracle Database software with Oracle Universal Installer (OUI), you can create an Oracle ACFS file system to be configured for use as an Oracle Database Home. You can use the Oracle ASM Configuration Assistant (ASMCA) to create the Oracle file system or you can perform the general procedure for creating the file system.