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Thread: How to perform Applications 11i Health Check

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    Red face How to perform Applications 11i Health Check

    As Oracle Apps DBA / Sysadmin you Apply patches & restart servives or make some configuration changes in applications 11i before releasing Instance to Application Users you wish to check if all components in E-Business Suite 11i are working fine. Here is list of components you should check apart from your custom services.

    1. Check Web Server is Up : Check in browser http://hostname.domainname: port where hostname.domain name is Machine Name on which Web Server(OHS) is running. If you are using load balancer or Proxy Server in front of Web Server it will be loadbalancer / Proxy Server Name. Port is port on which Web Server is Listening. It is defined in $IAS_ORACLE_HOME /Apache /Apache /conf /httpd.conf , If you can't access this check error_log at $IAS_ORACLE_HOME /Apache /Apache/ logs

    2. Check Jserv is Up : Check if you can access OAM (Oracle Application Manager) page. http://hostname.domainname: port_num...m/oam/oamLogin If you can't access login screen for OAM, check logs at

    3. Check mod_pls is working fine : http://hostname.domainname: port/pls/$SID so if you installed vision instance with SID as VIS11I your SID here is VIS11II this sometime in documents also called as TWO_TASK. You should see output from procedure FND_WEB.PING . If not check that -
    A) database listener is Up
    B) GUEST User is not end dated & password is correct.
    C) dbc (database connect descriptor) file is corerct at $FND_TOP/secure
    D) apps password is correct in at $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/modplsql/cfg

    4. Login to Application : Login to application with Application User to confirm login is working fine , if not check mod_pls for any issues.

    5. Check Form Server is working : Click on any Core Responsibility like "System Administrator", If you are facing any problem opening form Applet
    A) Check jinitiator is installed, if not do you have access to install jinitiator
    B) Try clearing cache from jinitiator
    C) Check forms server parameters are configured properly in appsweb_$CONTEXT_NAME.cfg
    D) Check if form server listener is Up : netstat -an | grep form_server_port

    6. Check Concurrent Manager is Up & Running : Select "Administer Concurrent Manager" & check if "Actual" & "Target" are same. If not check $SID_MM_DD.mgr at $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG.

    7. Check Reports can display properly : Change "Active Users" reports output from "Text file" to "PDF" from Define Concurrent Request Screen. Submit Active Users request & click on Output , check if you can se report in PDF format. If you encounter error like REP-3000 Oracle Toolkit , issue is with DISPLAY.

    8. Check Apps Listener is Up : Apps listener is different from database listener, Apps Listener is used for various purpose one is to check output & log files in concurrent requests. Check if apps listener is fine by clicking on log file & output file for Active Users request you submitted in Step 7 on previous page. If you encounter any issues while trying to access Log & Output file issue might be with Oracle Apps Listener. Check if (where ad is apps dba, aln is apps listener and ctl is control) on application tier started successfully. If yes then check this query (select logfile_name, logfile_node_name, outfile_name, outfile_node_name from fnd_concurrent_requests where request_id=[your request id number].

    9. Check if Workflow is Up : Login to OAM (Oracle Application Manager) using url mentioned in step. After login, On top right of page from "Nevigate to" select "Workflow Manager" from drop down menu and click on GO button. Check "Notification Mailers" is Up .

    10. Check if Discoverer 4i is Up : There are two type of discoverer 4i
    Discoverer Viewer - Check http://yourhostname: port/discoverer4i/viewer
    Discoverer Plus Check http://yourhostname:port/discwb4/

    11. Custom applications : Any custom application configured with oracle apps 11i, oem any other monitoring software.

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