1) Which are the new agent in Oracle 11g R2, except oraagent and orarootagent ?
2) Which processes are spawned by oraagent in cluster environment ?
3) If we install GRID_HOME and ORACLE_HOME with different users than how many oraagent and orarootagent are created ?
4) What challanges and issues you have faced while working in the RAC environment ?
5) What are the Oracle 11g New features ?
6) Difference between physical standby and logical standby database ?
7) What are the steps to apply PSU or CPU patch ? Describe briefly.
8) What is the backup stratagy in RAC environment ?
9) What is the difference between FULL backup and Incremental level 0 backup ?
10) Suppose I have a table with approx size 500 GB. I need to create and index on it. Normally it will take more than 20-24 hours. I cant wait for such a long time. What other options I have to make it as faster as possible ?
11) Have you ever listen about Invisible Index in Oracle 11gR2 ?
12) What is the use of GPNP in 11gR2 ? What information is contained in GPNP profile in it ?
13) Suppose in RAC environment CRS process and HAS services have been stopped or crashed, but other processes are still running. Now, if you try to stop them using "crsctl stop crs" or "crsctl stop cluster", than what will happen ? Would you be able to stop them ?
14) Which daemon have been removed from the nodeapps category in Oracle 11gR2 as compared to the Oracle 10g RAC ?
15) Which one is the other place, where you can find the information about the cluster except OCR ?
16) What is the use of OLR in Oracle 11gR2 ?
17) If we have some LOB objects in primary database, than which standby database would be preferred in DR ? Physical or Logical ?
18) Do you know how to add or delete node in RAC environement ?
19) What is FCF ?