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Thread: Snapshot backups

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    Snapshot backups

    What are the snapshot backups?
    Does snapshot controlfile seen in RMAN has some thing to do with snapshot backup or not?

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    Snapshot technology lets you quickly create space-efficient, point-in-time copies of your Oracle data.
    With SnapRestore capability, you can revert a failed database to a saved Snapshot copy in a matter of seconds, with no data movement required.
    Data Protection for Snapshot Devices uses snapshot copy techniques to create a point-in-time copy of database volumes from the Oracle production system

    Snapshot Backups are different from RMAN Backups. However , it is possible to integrate Snapshot technology with RMAN , so that the RMAN policies would be applicable for snapshot , and also RMAN can be used toi recover the SnapRestore.

    A little Overview of Storage Snapshots
    Storage snapshots have offered development and QA capabilities for database and non-database environments for many years, providing the ability to quickly create point-in-time storage-efficient virtual copies of the data. Snapshots do not require an initial copy, as they are not stored as physical copies of blocks, but rather as pointers to the blocks that existed when the snapshot was created. Because of this tight physical relationship, the snapshot is maintained on the same storage array as the original data. Snapshots are generally implemented either as copy-on-write or redirect-on-write-based methods.

    In the copy-on-write case, after a snapshot is taken, and upon the first change to a storage block, the array copies the before-change block to a new location on disk, thus maintaining the before-change block for the snapshot and the new block for the active version of the database. In the diagram below, block C is updated, so the old block is copied to a new location, then the new block (C’) is written to the original location.

    Oracle Database Protection - RMAN is an integrated data protection solution for the Oracle Database, providing several degrees of protection.

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