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Thread: SOA Installation

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    SOA Installation

    [ora11g@dbaloungeapps Disk1]$ pwd

    [ora11g@dbaloungeapps Disk1]$ ls
    doc install readme.htm runInstaller setup.exe stage

    [ora11g@dbaloungeapps Disk1]$ pwd

    [ora11g@dbaloungeapps Disk1]$ ./runInstaller
    Starting Oracle Universal Installer...

    Checking if CPU speed is above 300 MHz. Actual 1600 MHz Passed
    Checking Temp space: must be greater than 150 MB. Actual 86674 MB Passed
    Checking swap space: must be greater than 512 MB. Actual 31998 MB Passed
    Checking monitor: must be configured to display at least 256 colors. Actual 16777216 Passed
    Preparing to launch Oracle Universal Installer from /tmp/OraInstall2012-04-11_01-59-58PM. Please wait ...

    Please specify a valid JRE/JDK location :/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.6.0-openjdk-

    It then does the prerequisite checks for OS Certification , OS Packages , kernel parameters , glibc version and physical memory

    [ora11g@dbaloungeapps Disk1]$ Log: /u01/accounts/ora11g/oraInventory/logs/install2012-04-11_01-59-58PM.log

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