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Thread: RAC Interview Questions

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    RAC Interview Questions

    1) Explain any issue you got related to RAC, and how did you resolved it ?
    2) What are the init.ora parameter specific to only RAC environment ?
    3) How to upgrade existing oracle 10g single instance database to Oracle 11g R2 RAC. Give a rough idea for each step ?
    4) What error and issues you faced while installing the Oracle 11gR2 RAC ?
    5) What issues you got while upgrading the oracle 10g database to oracle 11gR2 RAC ?
    6) What is cache fusion ?
    7) Explain cache fusion by a example ? Why and How the blocks are transfer from one node to another node ?
    8) How to clone a 3 node RAC database to a another 3 node RAC environment ?
    9) What kind of administrative task you perform in RAC environment ?
    10) What are the different protection mode in data guard ?
    11) Suppose our data guard is in "Maximum Protection" mode. The redo data, related to a transaction, have been written to local online log files, but due to some network problem it cannot be written to standby site. What will happen in this scenario ?

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    How to upgrade existing oracle 10g single instance database to Oracle 11g R2 RAC. Give a rough idea for each step ?

    This article explains step by step RAC upgrade procedure to upgrade Oracle 10gR2 ( Real Application Cluster(RAC) to Oracle 11gR2 ( RAC. This procedure cannot be used for a fresh RAC installation. The following are important notes:
    Backup the database
    Check the current OCR and voting locations
    Backup the OCR file
    Backup the voting disk
    Fix the OS level prequisites
    Run cluvfy script from the grid directory and address all the problems
    CRS+ASM has to be upgraded first, followed by the database upgrade
    Oracle 11gR2 RAC has brought in a some good changes. Oracle 10g CRS and ASM homes are no more. Both CRS and ASM are installed in to the same home, GRID Infrastructure home. SCAN is introduced.
    In 11g, OCR and Voting disks can be stored in ASM Disk group
    RAW Devices for OCR and Voting disk are still supported on upgraded RAC environments. This is not an option during a fresh install.
    New user for CRS and ASM administration is introduced. ie. grid user. This is more of a role management for storage guys. It has to be the same OS user in Oracle 10g.
    However, since this is an upgrade, I had to retain the same user for grid. Of course, during fresh installation, you can still run both Grid and Oracle database with the same user.. but oracle recommends a separate user for grid.
    Grid home should not be under grid base
    Oracle database home should be under Oracle base.
    11gR2 introduced a multicasting mechanism for cluster communications. Verify if your network supports multicast before the upgrade: Refer to Oracle Note: 1212703.1
    Starting with 11gR2, we don’t have to install base release and apply patch sets. For example: In Oracle 10g, we have to install 10.2.0 and then apply patch set on top of 10.2.0. But now, we can directly install from the media. This may not be found in OTN, check for the patch: 10098816 in My Oracle Support.
    You can opt to run ASMCA after grid installation.. I did not opt for it, because that's mainly for rolling upgrade. There is no rolling upgrade from, so I don't see any benefit to run ASMCA manually after the grid installation.
    Make sure your database version is okay to go to 11gR2:
    Direct upgrade to Oracle Database 11gR2 is supported from,,, and (or earlier) -> -> -> 11.2 (or earlier) -> -> 11.2

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