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Thread: Why PMON Method set to LOCK

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    Why PMON Method set to LOCK

    When there is need to have CONC_PMON method set to LOCK?

    select profile_option_id , profile_option_value from FND_PROFILE_OPTION_VALUES
    where profile_option_id= (select profile_option_id from FND_PROFILE_OPTIONS
    where profile_option_name='CONC_PMON_METHOD');

    OR Why the CONC_PMON_METHOD should be LOCK?

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    The PMON method is the method that the ICM uses to detect if the Concurrent manager is running or not.
    It can be set to three possible choices:

    OS = The Internal Concurrent Manager determines whether or not a process is still running by
    sending a kill -0 to the process. This is merely a test to see if the process is still here.

    RDBMS = The Internal Concurrent Manager queries against v$process to retrieve the session id
    (the one that started the request) and the operating system process id.
    The reason it needs to query against both columns and not just the OS process id (pid)
    is because if there are concurrent managers running on two different clients against the
    same RDBMS then two requests could have the same OS pid.

    LOCK = The internal concurrent manager tries to get a lock on the process it is monitoring.
    The name of the lock is determined by a sequence (which is the id of the individual managers)
    and the program in question. Once the manager is able to get the lock, then it knows the process
    is no longer running. Two installs in one RDBMS share the lock method because if the two managers
    get the same sequence id (one in each instance) then the second manager will never be able to start
    because the ICM will always think its already running.

    The recommended method is to use LOCK , ie try to obtain a lock on the CM process that needs to be monitored.

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