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Thread: crs_stat -t shows unknown state of some resources

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    crs_stat -t shows unknown state of some resources

    crs_stat -t is showing unknown state of some of the resources

    ora.ons ora.ons.type ONLINE ONLINE ifebuatdb1 ora....ip.type ONLINE UNKNOWN ifebuatdb1 ora....ip.type ONLINE ONLINE ifebuatdb2 ora....ip.type ONLINE UNKNOWN ifebuatdb1

    What is the meaning of UNKNOWN STATE of

    and where i can look for the log files ???

    My database version is 11gr2


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    plz post the output from the command :

    oifcfg iflist -p -n


    oifcfg getif

    and also check if you are able to ping your gateway as VIP needs this.

    Your logfiles are located at $ORA_CRS_HOME/log/hostname

    And for VIP:


    And when the resource status has changed to unknown you had to stop it forcefully and check if its status is offline.

    crs_stop -f resource_name "one by one"

    and then try to start the VIP by :

    crs_start -c nodename resource_Name "one by one"

    and see if it is able to start the service or look the error message it is giving now.


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