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Thread: Oracle Application Login/Logout Flow. Basic Understanding.

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    Oracle Application Login/Logout Flow. Basic Understanding.

    Login Flow - Things happen once user submits URL in browser to login to Oracle Applications

    1) User enters a URL in web browser say http:\\localhost.localdomainor(WebServer Listener port) and clicks Go.
    i) These request are recorded into access_logs under Apache Web Server ($IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/logs/access_%)

    2) Webserver checks that with http header request if there is a cookie attached (Cookie is message given by WebServer to Web Browser to identify that if user is logging in first time.

    3) Apache Server then Displays the Oracle Applications Rapid Install Portal Page.
    - User clicks on Oracle Apps Login Links > E-Business suite Home Page.
    - This request is forwarded by Apache to Jserv.
    - Jserv sends it to AppsLogin servlet.
    - AppsLogin servlet detects the login mode by reading the "Applications SSO type" profile option for current E-Business suite Release 11i instance and
    redirects it to the appropriate login page.(SSO, SSWA or any others).

    4) User enters the Username/Password in login page and clicks submit button.

    5) WebServer needs to check if the username and passwords is authenticated against database FND_USER table.
    For this it needs a user to check the client's Username password in database. So GUEST/ORACLE is the user it uses to
    authenticate the client's username/password against FND_USERS table.

    6) Once user is authenticated its check against FND_RESPONSBILITY% for authorization about users responsibilities & all the assigned
    responsibilities are populated to user. and from here onwards user has entered into the application to perform his routine operations.

    How choice of responsibility catered?

    - Responsibilities are of two type
    (1) Self Services (served by Jserv/Servlets)
    (2)Core Applications (Server by Forms Server)

    - If this is Core responsibility , Apache transfers request to Forms Listener. From here request is on Sockets or forms servlets depending
    on forms config. from here onwards Client talks directly with Forms Server in forms session and if Client requests some data, forms
    server makes database connection using dbc (Database Connector file) in FND_SECURE_TOP.

    - But if User Selects Self Service Responsibility like iProcurement, iRecruitement then Apache forwards request to mod_jserv and request
    is catered by jserv_component.

    If anybody know more on this please share your views. I'll post Logout flow in next post.
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    Cheers !

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