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Thread: Forms Servlet or Socket Mode? Which is Better ?

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    Forms Servlet or Socket Mode? Which is Better ?

    Oracle Forms can be run in either servlet mode or socket mode.
    - Apps 11i is based on Forms 6i and is configured to run in socket mode by default.
    - Apps 12 is based on Forms 10g and is configured to run in servlet mode by default.

    What are these modes, and which is better?

    Forms Servlet Mode

    1) The Forms Listener Servlet is a Java servlet that delivers the ability to run Oracle Forms applications over HTTP and HTTPS connections.
    2) It manages the creation of a Forms Server Runtime process for each client, as well as network communications between the client and its
    associated Forms Server Runtime process.

    1) The desktop client sends HTTP requests and receives HTTP responses from the web server.
    2) The HTTP Listener on the web server acts as the network endpoint for the client, keeping other servers and ports from being exposed
    at the firewall.

    Forms listener servlet diagram showing firewalls desktop client and oc4j container on application tier

    Forms Socket Mode

    Initial releases of the Oracle Forms Server product used a simple method for connecting the client to the server.
    1) The connection from the desktop client to the Forms Listener process was accomplished using a direct socket connection.
    2) The direct socket connection mode was suitable for companies providing thin client access to Forms applications within their corporate
    local area networks (INTRANETS).
    3) For the direct socket connection mode, the client had to be able to see the server and had to have permission to establish a direct
    network connection.
    4) Although the direct socket connection mode is perfectly suited for deployments within a company’s internal network but it's not the best
    choice for application deployment via unsecured network paths via the Internet
    5) A company connected to the Internet typically employs a strict policy defining the types of network connections that can be made by
    Internet clients to secure corporate networks.(Necessary for SOAX compliance as well).
    6) Permitting a direct socket connection from an external client exposes the company to potential risk because the true identity of the client
    can be hard to determine.

    Servlet Mode Advantages

    1) HTTP and HTTPS traffic is easily recognizable by routers, while socket mode communications is generally considered suspect and treated
    on an exception basis.

    2) Existing networking hardware can be used to support basic functions such as load-balancing and packet encryption for network transit.

    3) More resilient to network and firewall reconfigurations.

    4) More robust: servlet connections can be reestablished if network connections drop unexpectedly for Forms, Framework,
    and JSP-based pages.

    5) Is the only supported method for generic Oracle Forms customers, and therefore is more thoroughly tested by the Forms and E-Business
    Suite product groups.

    6) Performance traffic can be monitored via tools like Oracle Real User Experience Insight (RUEI).

    7) Socket mode is not supported on Windows-based server platforms.

    Socket Mode Advantages

    1) Uses up to 40% less bandwidth than Forms servlet mode. This may be perceived by Wide Area Network (WAN) users as causing slower
    responsiveness, depending upon network latency.

    2) Uses fewer application-tier JVM resources than servlet mode, due to fewer TCP turns and lack of overhead associated with HTTP POST
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