1) SA first needs to do the following :

Download of required Printer Software including Installation of the Printer Drivers
Printer Setup from the OS Side

2) When Its given to the Apps DBA for Configuration, the Apps DBA should see that the printer is registered using :

lpstat -a

He should also fire a test print using :


Once he is confirmed that the test printing is working , he can then register the printer in Oracle Apps.

3) Printer Types
You must define any printer types used at your site that are not shipped with Oracle Applications.
In most cases the Printer Type would already be defined

4) Printer Registration
You register a printer so that Oracle Applications recognizes the printer and can forward
to it the output from a report program.

Login to Oracle Applications with System Administrator Responsibility
Click on Install -> Printer -> Register then under Printer Tab enter name by which printer is defined at CM node at O.S. Level.
In Type define type of printer.
In Description enter some sensible description .

This completes registration of your printer on your Oracle Application.

5) Now test this printer by submitting some request (example : Print Evironment Variables Request) and selecting the printer configured.

In case of Pasta printing the pasta.cfg file located under the $FND_TOP/resource would also need to be configured appropriately.