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Thread: Oracle DBA Interview Questions

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    Oracle DBA Interview Questions

    How will you take a hot backup

    How will you write a shell script to take a hot backup

    I get the error – max sessions reached – what would you do

    What does the inventory contain

    What is TNS_ADMIN

    I have given you root password for the server – you need to connect to a particular running database using sqlplus – how will you connect

    I want to know when my last ORA-1555 error came. How do I find out.

    What is the meaning of the consistent while taking an export

    How can you export from one schema and import on to another schema

    What are the advantages of datapump

    What makes datapump faster

    What is the difference between catalog and nocatalog to take backup using rman

    How do you monitor if standby is in sync

    How do you ship archives to standby

    How do you activate a standby database

    V$managed_standby -

    Tell me about the ‘standby file management’ parameter

    Describe FAL_CLIENT and FAL_SERVER

    What happens when I put a tablespace in begin backup mode

    What is a recycle bin – how do I clear it

    How do I do a clone using export / import

    What will you do if the achive location becomes full

    What is a database link . have you created it

    What is a materialized view.

    What are the 2 refresh methods for materialized views

    A tablespace is in begin backup mode and my database crashes – what would be the result

    I have a corrupted system datafile for the database what will you do

    How do I detect corruptions on the database

    A datafile of the non system tablespace is corrupt – what will I do

    Difference between SGA_MAX_SIZE and SGA_TARGET

    If my database listener is down , what is the impact

    How do you diagnose a lock issue

    How do I check the sql text for a particular session

    Describe how to trace a database session

    How frequently do you collect stats for you env and how

    How do I generate the AWR report

    What is the information in the AWR report

    A query is going for full table scans , what will you do

    On what basis do you prefer one execution plan over another

    How do I reorganize a table.

    What command will I use to make an Invalid package valid

    Can I rollback a database patch

    What is retention policy in RMAN

    What are the advantages of catalog over nocatalog

    What is the purpose of crosscheck in RMAN

    Have you ever faced ORA-600 error

    How to get the SQL for a session

    Can I rename the rodo log while db is up

    What happens when a log switch takes place


    Can I a dd a datafile to tbsp in mount mode

    Can I offline a datafile in mount mode

    Can I offline a tablespace in noarchivelog mode

    Can i offline a datafile in noarchivelog mode

    When I make a tablespace off line and make it online again will it ask for recovery

    Can I offline the users tablepspace of the database

    Can I offline the system tablepspace of a database

    How do I convert a database from noarchivelog to archivelog mode

    Default scope for spfile

    What is the sequence in which

    What is a dirty list

    What is an LRU list. Whats the LRU algorithm

    I want to clear the contents of shared pool – how do I do this

    What do redo logs contain

    What is a checkpoint

    What are the three types of checkpoint and explain

    How can a DBA manually issue a checkpoint

    What command can a DBA give to make the the current redo archived

    Which init parameter can be used to tune checkpoint

    When does LGWR write contents from redo log buffer to redo log files

    Who reads the contents from the datafiles

    When does the DBWR write the contents to datafiles

    Will a commit trigger a checkpoint

    How do you check the size of the database

    How do we find the free space in the database

    How to find the free space in a particular tablespace

    How to find the free space in the tablespace

    Explain the process of instance recovery

    How is instance recovery different from media recovery

    What is the purpose of orainventory

    I give sqlplus at the $ prompt and it states ‘Command not found ‘ – what will I do in this situation

    I give the root password on the server an`d ask you to connect to an instance – how will you connect

    How do you check the tables in a particular tablespace

    How do you check the objects in “INVALID’ status

    How do I compile Invalid views

    How do I check the unusable indexes in a database

    How do I rebuild indexes

    Explain how to change the default tablespace for a particular user

    I want to give a user permission on a particular table such that he too can further give permissions

    How can I set the PGA for my database

    What is the difference between sga_max_size and sga_target

    How do I increase the Dictionary cache size of the database

    How can I resize the datafile for my database

    What is fragmentation

    What is HWM

    What are the benefits of reorg ;

    how to reorg a table online

    What would happen if my archive destination is full.

    I want to check what was the last ORA-1555 error ; how do I check it

    We are getting frequent Ora-1555 errors

    What is the purpose of User_dump_dest

    We reach the max sessions on the database – can you advice what is to be done

    How do I kill a session

    How to change the sga_max_size of the database when we are using spfile

    How to change the buffercache of the database when we are using spfile

    What are the contents of PGA

    What is the work of the CKPT process ; What is PMON used for

    What is TWO_TASK

    What is the purpose of a listener

    How can I secure the listener

    What does the tnsnames.ora contain

    How can I truncate the listener log

    What do we mean by a service

    Can I take a hot backup in noarchivelog mode

    Can I take a cold backup in archivelog mode

    What will you do if your ACTIVE redo log files get corrupt

    How to take a hot backup for a database

    What happenes when I place my tablespace in begin backup mode

    Why is archive generation high when I place my database in begin backup mode

    My tablespace was in begin backup mode , and my database crashes. What will be the impact

    How do I create a trace file containing the create controlfile script in the

    How do I take the bionary backup of a controlfile

    My System tablespace datafile got corrupt ; what can I do.

    How do I check for Block Corruption

    My read only tablespace got corrupt , what do I do

    Only one block is corrupted in a Users datafile . How do I resolve this problem.

    I want to restore and recover a database till a point in time

    How can we set sqlnet expire time and what is the purpose of this setting

    If I want to put the TNS files at the non default location , what can I do.

    I want to test if the connection identifier can reach out to the listener , how do I check

    I get an error that listener does not know of service requested in connect descriptor –

    what can I do

    I get TNS:No listener – How do I rectify the problem

    In one shot , how do I restart the listener

    I get an error that the connect descriptor could not be resolved – how do I solve

    Can one listener listen on multiple ports

    Can one listener be used for multiple databases

    A tablespace with 2 datafiles was added after the last backup taken. One of the datafiles has become corrupt. How do I deal with this scenario

    What are the advantages of using RMAN

    What is the benefit of using recovery catalog

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    Interview Questions:-------


    1)How to check, How many database are running on your server?
    2)How to upgrade the database from 8i to 10g?
    3)How to check your database has been upgraded at Database Level?
    4)What are the pre-requisites of the Oracle Installation?
    5)What are the last two commands execute after installation finished?
    6)What are the required parameter s to be set before connect to the databse?
    7 )What is CPU Patches and how to install ?
    8)How to clone the database by using RMAN utility?
    9)What does Duplicate command in RMAN?
    10)What are the mode(Stages) of target ,catalog & auxiliary database at the time of cloning?
    11)The dbid of primary and clone database will be same or not?
    12)Can you change the dbid?
    13)How to rename the database name in oracle 10g?
    14)What is fast incremental backup?
    15)What does CTWR process in Change block tracking & what is change block tracking?
    16)what are the contents of the control file?
    17) Suppose one control file has been lost of your database,What will you do?
    18) Multiplexing of the control file is not available of your database and control file has lost, and backup is also not available, then what you will do?
    19)Can you recover the user data file without backup? If you can, then tell the recovery steps?
    20)Can you recover the Sysem datafile? If Backup is available and without backup in both Scenario?
    21)Suppose huge amount of gaps are occurred at physical standby database ,how to resolve this issue?
    22)How the check the gap?
    23)Diff between Max Protection and Max Availability Mode of the Physical standby database.
    24)Suppose one table has been dropped at the production database, how to recover it while flash back is not enabled and physical standby database is working in your environment that is sync with production database.
    25) What is the backup schedule of your organization?
    26)How to monitor of your database?
    27)what are the daily activities ?
    28)what is soft parse and hard parse?
    29)what is pinned buffer?
    30)Which process read the block and how to read the block ?
    31)Your database is running slow? What will you do?
    32)First of all what will check in awr report?
    34)Suppose top wait event are showing buffer busy wait,db file sequential read,what will you do?
    35)In top 5 Sql section ,how to analyze the sql statement and how to find this sql statement is giving the problem.
    36)What is ORA-01555 nd how to resolve this issue?
    37)Suppose you have given one parameter in export/Import utility:
    Compress=Y, what does mean?
    38)Consistent =Y what does mean?
    39)Ignore =Y
    40)what is diff exp/imp and datapump and which one is fast?
    41)How to imports the data from one users to others in datapump?
    42)How to give the grant of the particular user that will unlocked after 4 attempts?
    43)Which indexes are used in OLTP System?
    44)Diff B-Tree & Bitmap Indexes.
    45)How to kill the user and which process release this lock?
    46)What is the main purpose of Redo logs?
    47)What grants are to be given to create catalog in RMAN?
    48)What is cache fusion?
    49)Suppose cluster ware has been installed successfully and oracle is not installed then how to check that how many rac nodes are made in RAC server.
    50)What are the work of CRSd,CSSd,LMD,LMON,LMS?
    51)How to check VIP is running or not?
    52)How to start and stop the rack database with sequentially?
    53)Why ASM is used?
    54)Diff cp and backup as copy command in rman.
    55)Suppose O/S space is left only 2GB and We have to add 3GB ASM Disk,How to add this ASM Disk? And what will you tell to the O/S Person,how much space will be added at O/S.

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