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Thread: Error in 10g rac

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    Unhappy Error in 10g rac

    I Have installed oracle 10g Rac with 2 nodes on VM using Openfiler and oel4.

    [oracle@node1 bin]$ ./crs_stat -t
    Name Type Target State Host
    ora....E1.lsnr application ONLINE OFFLINE
    ora.node1.gsd application ONLINE ONLINE node1
    ora.node1.ons application ONLINE OFFLINE application ONLINE ONLINE node2
    ora....E2.lsnr application ONLINE OFFLINE
    ora.node2.gsd application ONLINE ONLINE node2
    ora.node2.ons application ONLINE OFFLINE application ONLINE ONLINE node2 application ONLINE UNKNOWN node1
    ora....e1.inst application ONLINE ONLINE node2
    ora....e2.inst application ONLINE UNKNOWN node1

    [oracle@node1 bin]$ srvctl start instance -d orange -i orange2
    PRKP-1001 : Error starting instance orange2 on node node1
    CRS-1028: Dependency analysis failed because of:
    CRS-0223: Resource '' has placement error.
    [oracle@node1 bin]$

    I want to know how to rectify the problem that the instance(orange2) on node1 for my database orange shows the state as UNKNOWN
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    I see that both your vip(s) are directing to node 2.
    It seems your instance orange2 is configured on node 1.

    1) First try by stopping and starting all services uning srvctl from the other node (ie stop and start node2 services from node1 and vice versa)
    2) Try by stopping and starting the crs using crsctl on both the nodes and see if the services are then fine

    Do let me know the results after you have tried the above.

    This problem can occur if the services and nodes have not gone down cleanly
    Also . let me know the version of your RAC database.
    If its not on 10204 , please upgrade to 10204 (Prior versions have many bugs relating to RAC).

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    Hemant Sir you r right the problem is with the vipca. The database version is 10201 and not 10204 I am still working on it and post the complete correct steps of it once finished. Thanks

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