a. What Does "Warning: Applet Window" Mean?

Oracle Applications Release 11i requires that its code run in a trusted mode, and
uses J-Initiator to run Java applets on a desktop client.

If an applet is "trusted," however,Java will extend the privileges of the applet. The Yellow Warning Bar is a warning that your applet is not running in a trusted mode. To indicate that an applet is trusted, it must be digitally signed using a digital Certificate, so Oracle Applications requires that all Java archive files must be digitally signed.

b. Who Does This Affect?
This affects all users that try to access Oracle Applications Rel 11i using Jinitiator that
have a different identitydb.obj on their client.
Clients have an "identity database" that is maintained by J-Initiator called
IDENTITYDB.obj. When a jar file is downloaded, the owner of the digital signature is
compared against the entry in the identity databases. If they match, the code contained in the archive is allowed to run in a trusted mode.

The users will need to fix their client PC in one of two ways:
a. Uninstall Jinitiator and clear browser cache
b. Log back into Applications to get the new plugin,
(oajinit.exe) including the new identitydb.obj
c. Install the Jinitiator on the Client PC and then Log into the
Oracle Applications to download the new signed JAR files

a. Copy the IDENTITYDB.OBJ file to C:\Program

Files\Oracle after saving the old one as IDENTITYDB.old.