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Thread: Re-org of Database Objects

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    Re-org of Database Objects

    We will discuss the following segment_types

    1) Table
    - Normal
    - Long Datatye column

    2) Table Partition
    3) Table Subpartition
    4) Index
    5) Index Partition
    6) Index Subpartition
    7) Lobsegment/LobIndex

    1) Table

    - Normal

    Alter table <owner.table_name> move tablespace <tablespace_name>

    - Long Datatye column

    While moving the tables with column of long datatype, we get the following error

    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-00997: illegal use of LONG datatype

    These tables cannot be moved using normal move command.
    We need to export, drop and import the tables.

    2) Table Partiton

    ALTER TABLE <table_name>
    MOVE PARTITION <partition_name>
    TABLESPACE <tablespace_name>;

    Dba_tab_partitions -- to get the partition name

    3) Table Subpartition

    ALTER TABLE <table_name>
    MOVE SUBPARTITION <subpartition_name>
    TABLESPACE <tablespace_name>;

    Dba_tab_subpartitions – to get the subpartition name

    4) Index

    Alter index <index-name> rebuild tablespace <new-tablespace>;

    1) Index Partition

    Alter index <index-name> rebuild partition <partition_name>
    tablespace <new-tablespace>;

    dba_ind_partitions -- to get the partition name

    2) Index Subpartition

    Alter index <index-name> rebuild subpartition <subpartition_name>
    tablespace <new-tablespace>;

    Dba_ind_subpartitions – to get the subpartition name

    3) Lobsegment/LobIndex

    alter table <your_table> move lob (<lob_column>)
    store as (tablespace <tablespace_lob>);

    To find the table_name and lob_column

    select OWNER,TABLE_NAME,COLUMN_NAME,SEGMENT_NAME,TABLESPA CE_NAME from dba_lobs where SEGMENT_NAME like ‘lobsegment_name’

    SYS_LOB0000195332C00032$$ LOBSEGMENT

    ------------------------------ ------------------------------
    ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------
    SYS_LOB0000195332C00032$$ SYS_IL0000195332C00032$$ APPS_TS_QUEUES

    So from above output , following will be the command to move lobsegment

    alter table IEO.IEO_ICSM_QUEUE_TBL_1 move lob (USER_PROP) store as (tablespace APPS_TS_QUEUES_NEW);

    Note that , once the LOBSEGMENT is moved ,corresponding LOBINDEX will
    Also move. You don’t need to run the command seperately for LOBINDEX.

    Here is the dynamic query which will give the command to move LOBSEGMENT/INDEX

    select 'alter table ' ||owner || '.' || table_name||' move lob ('||column_name||') store as (tablespace APPS_TS_QUEUES_NEW);'
    from dba_lobs where SEGMENT_NAME in ( select segment_name from dba_segments where tablespace_name like ‘<tablespace_name>’ and segment_type like '%LOB%');
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    Hi Hemant sir,

    I am facing following error in Internal Concurrent Manager log

    Internal Concurrent Manager found node PRODDB to be down. Adding it to the list of unavailable nodes.

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    Hi Sanjay ,

    Your question is not raled to reorg , Its related to ICM . so please post the thread in the right category.

    I have opended a thread for your query :



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