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Thread: Web Logic 11g (10.3.5) Installation on Linux 64 Bit

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    Web Logic 11g (10.3.5) Installation on Linux 64 Bit

    Locate the appropriate executable file for your system, for example:

    wls1035_linux32.bin for 32-bit Linux systems
    wls1035_win32.exe for 32-bit Windows systems
    wls1035_generic.jar for all 64-bit platforms

    The 32-bit executable files are bundled with the appropriate JDK version. If you use the 64-bit installer, you will need to invoke the installer with a supported JDK for your platform. This JDK must be installed on your system before you install Oracle WebLogic Server. Refer to the Oracle Fusion Middleware certification document for a list of supported JDKs for your platform

    Run the Oracle WebLogic Server Installer directly from the CD-ROM, or copy the file to your local system and run it locally.

    Use the -d64 flag when using 32/64-bit hybrid JDK's (such as the HP JDK for HP-UX and SUN JDK for Solaris SPARC).

    Examples for 32-bit systems:





    Examples for 64–bit sytems:


    JAVA_HOME/bin/java -jar wls1035_generic.jar


    JAVA_HOME/bin/java -d64 -jar wls1035_generic.jar


    JAVA_HOME\bin\java -jar wls1035_generic.jar


    Note - After you start the Oracle WebLogic Server Installer, the Welcome screen is displayed.


    Click Next.

    On the Choose Middleware Home Directory screen, appears select Create a new Middleware Home.

    On the Register for Security Updates screen, select whether or not you want to receive the latest product and security updates. If you choose not to receive updates, you are asked to verify your selection before continuing.

    Click Next.

    On the JDK Selection screen, select a valid JDK.

    On the Choose Install Type screen, select Typical and click Next.

    On the Choose Product Installation Directories screen, verify the location for the WebLogic Server Installation and click Next.

    If you are installing Oracle WebLogic Server on a UNIX system, the Installation Summary screen is displayed. Proceed to step 9.

    If you are installing Oracle WebLogic Server on a Windows system, the Choose Shortcut Location screen appears. Specify a location where you want Windows to create a shortcut to Oracle products and click Next.

    Click Next on the Installation Summary screen.

    On the Installation Complete screen, de-select Run Quickstart and click Done to exit the Installer.

    A step by step snapshot for the Installation of Web Logic 11g on Linux 64 bit is given here

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