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Thread: Types Of Concurrent Managers and Concurrent Processes

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    Types Of Concurrent Managers and Concurrent Processes

    Different Types of Concurrent Managers

    Internal Concurrent Manager — The Internal Concurrent Manager (ICM) controls the other managers. It must be running before any other managers can be activated. The main functions of the ICM are to start up and shutdown the individual concurrent managers, and reset the other managers after one them has a failure.

    Conflict Resolution Manager — The Conflict Resolution Manager (CRM) functions to check concurrent program definitions for incompatibility rules. However, the ICM can be configured to take over the CRM's job to resolve incompatibilities.

    Standard Manager — The Standard Manager functions to run any reports and batch jobs that have not been defined to run in any specific product manager.

    Product Specific Concurrent Manager — There are many product specific Concurrent Managers. The list includes Inventory, MRP, and Projects, as well as anyUser-defined managers. These managers are specialized to perform Concurrent Processing specifically for those products for which they are built. Utilizing these managers can help you off-load some of the processing from the

    Scheduler Manager — Scheduler Manager, assists the ICM and the CRM in scheduling and conflict resolution.

    Transaction Managers — A Transaction Manager is owned by an application and associated with a data group. Due to this association, and the fact that it runs immediate programs, the Transaction Manager can only run programs contained within its program Library.

    Service Manager — Service Manager acts on behalf of the ICM, allowing the ICM to monitor and control service processes on that host. Services such as the Oracle Forms Listener, Oracle Reports Server, Apache Web listener, and Oracle Workflow Mailer can be run under Service Management. Generic Service Management (GSM) provides a fault tolerant system. If a service process exits unexpectedly, the ICM will automatically attempt to restart the process. If a host fails, the ICM may start the affected service processes on a secondary host. The ICM itself is monitored and kept alive by Internal Monitor processes located on various hosts.

    The Internal Monitor — The IMis used in a PCP environment and monitors the Internal Concurrent Manager, and restarts any failed ICM on the local node. During a node failure in a PCP environment the IM will restart the ICM on a surviving node (multiple ICM's may be started on multiple nodes, but only the first ICM started will eventually remain active, all others will gracefully terminate). There should be an Internal Monitor defined on each node where the ICM may migrate.

    Concurrent Manager Processes

    FNDLIBR manages following Managers

    Marketing Data Mining Manager
    Transportation Manager
    Session History Cleanup
    UWQ Worklist Items Release for Crashed session
    Collections Manager
    OAM Metrics Collection Manager
    Contracts Core Concurrent Manager
    Standard Manager
    WMS Task Archiving Manager
    Oracle Provisioning Manager

    INVLIBR is the process for the following Managers

    Inventory Manager

    MRCLIB is the process for the following Managers

    MRP Manager

    PALIBR is the process for the following Managers

    PA Streamline Manager

    FNDSM is the process for the Service Manager

    We need to configure GSM and start the Apps Listener in order to start GSM Service on all Nodes in Application Tier in E-Business Suite.

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