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Thread: Oracle RAC Services Setup with Load Balancing , TAF and FAN

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    Oracle RAC Services Setup with Load Balancing , TAF and FAN

    Services are entities that can be defined in Oracle RAC databases that enable you to group database workloads and route work to the optimal instances that are assigned to offer the service.

    To manage workloads, you can define services that you assign to a particular application or to a subset of an application's operations. You can also group work by type under services. For example, online users can be a service while batch processing can be another and reporting can be yet another service type.

    When you define a service, you define which instances normally support that service. These are known as the PREFERRED instances. You can also define other instances to support a service if the service's preferred instance fails. These are known as AVAILABLE instances.

    1) Create a Service

    Such a service can be created with :
    srvctl add service -d DEVDB -s OLTP -r RAC1,RAC2 –a RAC3,RAC4

    2) Create the TNS entry for the Service
    A service called OLTP has been created on the instances RAC1, RAC2 and RAC3,RAC4 are the available instances.

    The client will connect with the following Oracle*Net alias:
    OLTP =

    3) Configured Advanced Queueing on the server side :
    FAN has two methods for publishing events to clients, the Oracle Notification Service (ONS), which is used by Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) clients including the Oracle Application Server 10g, and Oracle Streams, Advanced Queueing which is used by Oracle Call Interface (OCI) and Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) clients. When using Advanced Queueing, you must enable the service to use the queue by setting AQ_HA_NOTIFICATIONS to true.

    If we are wanting to use FAN for OCI or ODP.NET clients , then set :


    4) Set the Connection load balance goal (CLB_GOAL)

    CLB_GOAL tells the load balancing advisor which technique to use when performing connection-based load balancing

    SHORT—Use the SHORT connection load balancing method for applications that have short-lived connections.
    Using CLB_GOAL=SHORT enables Load Balancing Advisory.

    LONG—Use the LONG connection load balancing method for applications that have long-lived connections.
    Use this for SQL*Forms , and Connection Pools or Long Running Sessions.

    Service Quality goal (GOAL)
    Also, the services must be configured to either provide the best response time (SERVICE_TIME) or the better throughput (THROUGHPUT).
    SERVICE_TIME - Oracle will privilege the least loaded node which corresponds to the one able to answer faster.
    THROUGHPUT - the requests will be redirected to the node with the highest number of calls per second. In theory,the one being able to perform the highest transaction rate (may be because of a stronger machine in the cluster).

    SQL> execute dbms_service.modify_service (service_name => 'OLTP' ,goal =>DBMS_SERVICE.GOAL_SERVICE_TIME ,clb_goal => dbms_service.clb_goal_long);

    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

    5) Configure the Service for TAF and Turn on AQ HA event notifications ( for FAN) by using the DBMS_SERVICE package.

    execute dbms_service.modify_service ( service_name => 'OLTP' ,-
    aq_ha_notifications => true ,-
    failover_method => dbms_service.failover_method_basic ,-
    failover_type => dbms_service.failover_type_session ,-
    failover_retries => 180, failover_delay => 5 );

    6) The services can be started and stopped using the following commands.
    srvctl start service -d DEVDB -s OLTP

    7) The client connection pool must be setup with the following properties in the connection string:
    Load balacing=true -- for the FAN workload events
    HA Events=true -- for the FCF events

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