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Thread: Major Oracle Database Init Parameters 10G

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    Major Oracle Database Init Parameters 10G

    BACKGROUND_DUMP_DEST specifies the pathname (directory or disc) where debugging trace files for the background processes (LGWR, DBWn, and so on) are written during Oracle operations.

    USER_DUMP_DEST specifies the pathname for a directory where the server will write debugging trace files on behalf of a user process.

    LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST is applicable only if you are running the database in
    ARCHIVELOG mode or are recovering a database from archived redo logs. LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST is incompatible with the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n parameters, and must be defined as the null string ("""") or (' ') when any LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n parameter has a value other than a null string. Use a text string to specify the default location and root of the disk file or tape device when archiving redo log files.

    The Multiplexed controlfiles of the database. To be used when the database is mounted.

    SGA_MAX_SIZE specifies the maximum size of the SGA for the lifetime of the instance.

    DB_BLOCK_SIZE specifies (in bytes) the size of Oracle database blocks. Typical values are 4096 and 8192. The value of this parameter must be a multiple of the physical block size at the device level.
    The value for DB_BLOCK_SIZE in effect at the time you create the database determines the size of the blocks. The value must remain set to its initial value.
    Cannot be changed for the life of the database.

    "DB_CACHE_SIZE specifies the size of the DEFAULT buffer pool for buffers with the primary block size (the block size defined by the DB_BLOCK_SIZE initialization parameter).
    Modifiable = Y

    LOG_BUFFER specifies the amount of memory (in bytes) that Oracle uses when buffering redo entries to a redo log file. Redo log entries contain a record of the changes that have been made to the database block buffers. The LGWR process writes redo log entries from the log buffer to a redo log file.
    Modifiable =No

    SHARED_POOL_SIZE specifies (in bytes) the size of the shared pool. The shared pool contains shared cursors, stored procedures, control structures, and other structures. Modifiable =Yes

    DB_NAME specifies a database identifier of up to 8 characters. This parameter must be specified and must correspond to the name specified in the CREATE DATABASE statement.
    Modifiable =No

    "REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORDFILE specifies whether Oracle checks for a password file.
    Oracle ignores any password file. Therefore, privileged users must be authenticated by the operating system.
    SHARED : One or more databases can use the password file. The password file can contain SYS as well as non-SYS users.
    The value EXCLUSIVE is supported for backward compatibility. It now has the same behavior as the value SHARED.
    Modifiable =NO

    PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET specifies the target aggregate PGA memory
    available to all server processes attached to the instance.
    Modifiable = YES

    PROCESSES specifies the maximum number of operating system user processes that can simultaneously connect to Oracle. Its value should allow for all background processes such as locks, job queue processes, and parallel execution processes.
    Modifiable =No

    SESSIONS specifies the maximum number of sessions that can be created in the
    system. Because every login requires a session, this parameter effectively determines the maximum number of concurrent users in the system.
    Modifiable =NO

    SGA_TARGET specifies the total size of all SGA components. If SGA_TARGET is specified, then the following memory pools are automatically sized:
    Buffer cache (DB_CACHE_SIZE)
    Shared pool (SHARED_POOL_SIZE)
    Large pool (LARGE_POOL_SIZE)
    Java pool (JAVA_POOL_SIZE)
    Streams pool (STREAMS_POOL_SIZE)
    If these automatically tuned memory pools are set to non-zero values, then those values are used as minimum levels by Automatic Shared Memory Management. You would set minimum values if an application component needs a minimum amount of memory to function properly.

    The following pools are manually sized components and are not affected by Automatic Shared Memory Management:
    Log buffer
    The memory allocated to these pools is deducted from the total available for SGA_TARGET when Automatic Shared Memory Management computes the values of the automatically tuned memory pools.
    Modifiable =Yes

    Range of values 0 to 3600 seconds
    FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET enables you to specify the number of seconds the database takes to perform crash recovery of a single instance. When specified, FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET is overridden by LOG_CHECKPOINT_INTERVAL.
    Modifiable =Yes

    Undo space management mode. Can be set to MANUAL or AUTO. (Manual=rollback segs)

    Undo retention in second
    Specifies how long undo information should be retained after commit/rollback

    Specifies the name of the undo tablespace for the instance when UNDO_MANAGEMENT is set to AUTO.

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