1) Disktimeout:
Disk Latencies in seconds from node-to-Votedisk. Default Value is 200. (Disk IO)
crsctl get css disktimeout

2) Misscount:
Network Latencies in second from node-to-node (Interconnect). Default Value is 60 Sec (Linux) and 30 Sec in Unix platform. (Network IO)
Misscount < Disktimeout

crsctl get css misscount

3) RebootTime :

(default 3 seconds) -the amount of time allowed for a node to complete a reboot after the CSS daemon has been evicted.
crsctl get css reboottime

4) To Edit these values :

1. shut down CRS on all nodes but one as root run crsctl on that remaining node
2. $CRS_HOME/bin/crsctl set css misscount <n> [-force] (<n> is seconds)
3. $CRS_HOME/bin/crsctl set css reboottime <r> [-force](<r> is seconds)
4. $CRS_HOME/bin/crsctl set css disktimeout <d> [-force](<d> is seconds)
5. reboot the remaining node (the node where you just made the change)