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Thread: How to Install Discovere

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    How to Install Discovere

    HI ,
    my database is and i want to install discoverer tool so please tell me which version i need to install 4i or 10g .which tool need to install administrator or cline .

    Please tell me complete install scanrio .
    Including pre or post all setps .if possible please attached installation doc with down load link of discovere tool.

    Thanks & Regards

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    You can install Standalone Discoverer 10G ; This can be downloaded from Oracle's edelivery site, for your OS.
    Once Downloaded , you will need to stage and then Install it. Steps are stated hereunder :

    Step 1:Login to server using O/S Username and password as the Discoverer Installation Owner.

    Step 2:Change the oraInventory location in oraInst.loc file to the appropriate inventory.

    Step 3:Go to the stage directory ,set the DISPLAY variable to and then run the runInstaller.

    Step 4: Click on Next button.

    Step 5: Provide the name of Installation and also the base path where we have to install discoverer.

    Step 6:Select languages required and click next button.

    Step 7:Specify the port selection procedure and click next button.

    Step 8:Provide Outgoing Mail Server information (If required)

    Step 9: Specify the Instance name, ias_admin password and click Next button.

    Step 10: This shows the components it is going to install. Click on the Install tab to begin the installation process.

    Step 11:Now Installation process is in progress.

    Step 12:Run the as root user to complete the installation.

    Step 13:Now Configuration of the components are in progress.

    Step 14:Installation has completed successfully.

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