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Thread: Difference between Oracle Applications 11i and R12

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    Difference between Oracle Applications 11i and R12

    Differences between Release 11i Release 12
    a) Plugin for Forms
    11i Uses Jinitiator as the default Plugin
    R12 Replaces Jinitiator with Sun Java Plugin

    b) Forms Mode
    Default mode for Forms in 11i is Socket.
    In R12 its Servlet

    c) Reports Server
    No Reports Server in R12

    d) Apache Version
    11i Apache Version: 1.3.19
    R12 Apache Version: 1.3.31

    e) Forms Version
    11i Forms Version : 6i
    R12 Forms Version : 10g

    f) JDK Version
    R12 uses JDK 1.5 for web & concurrent processing

    g) Servlet Container
    11i Uses JServ
    R12 Uses OC4J (OC4J is Oracles J2EE container)

    h) ORACLE_HOME (s)
    11i : 8.0.6-based Oracle_Home
    R12 : OracleAS 10g 10.1.2 for Forms & Reports Services

    11i : 8.1.7-based Oracle_Home provided by iAS in 11i
    R12 : OracleAS 10g 10.1.3 for Oracle Containers for Java (OC4J)

    R12 APPL_TOP, COMMON_TOP , ORACLE_HOMES can now be read only

    R12 introduces INST_TOP which also contains the startup shutdown scripts and with it New Commonly Used Environment Variables :

    <apps_base>/inst/apps/<context_name> ($INST_TOP)

    INST_TOP contains
    /admin/scripts ($ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME)
    /appl ($APPL_CONFIG_HOME)
    /fnd/12.0.0/secure ($FND_SECURE)
    /logs ($LOG_HOME)
    /ora ($ORA_CONFIG_HOME)
    /10.1.3 ($ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME)

    R12 Introduces new startup and shutdown scripts . For Details, Please refer to Oracle-Apps-R12-Components-Startup-Shutdown

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