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Thread: Srvctl Major Options and Usage in Oracle RAC

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    Srvctl Major Options and Usage in Oracle RAC

    Database Related Commands
    srvctl start instance -d <db_name> -i <inst_name> = Starts an instance
    srvctl start database -d <db_name> = Starts all instances
    srvctl stop database -d <db_name> = Stops all instances, closes database
    srvctl stop instance -d <db_name> -i <inst_name> = Stops an instance
    srvctl start service -d <db_name> -s <service_name> = Starts a service
    srvctl stop service -d <db_name> -s <service_name> = Stops a service
    srvctl status service -d <db_name> = Checks status of a service
    srvctl status instance -d <db_name> -i <inst_name> = Checks an individual instance
    srvctl status database -d <db_name> = Checks status of all instances
    srvctl start nodeapps -n <node_name> = Starts gsd, vip, listener, and ons
    srvctl stop nodeapps -n <node_name> = Stops gsd, vip and listener

    srvctl start nodeapps -n (node)
    This will bring up the gsd, ons, listener, and vip. The same command can shut down the nodeapps by replacing start with stop.

    srvctl start asm -n (node)
    This will bring up our ASM instances on nodes

    srvctl start instance -d (database) -i (instance)
    This will bring up our Database Instance

    srvctl start service -d (database) -s (service)
    Will start a load balanced/TAF service.

    Status of all instances and services
    srvctl status database -d devdb
    Instance devdb1 is running on node rac1
    Instance devdb2 is running on node rac2

    Status of a single instance
    srvctl status instance -d devdb -i devdb2
    Instance devdb2 is running on node rac2

    Status of node applications on a particular node
    srvctl status nodeapps -n rac1
    VIP is running on node: rac1
    GSD is running on node: rac1
    Listener is running on node: rac1
    ONS daemon is running on node: rac1

    srvctl status nodeapps -n rac2
    VIP is running on node: rac2
    GSD is running on node: rac2
    Listener is running on node: rac2
    ONS daemon is running on node: rac2

    Status of an ASM instance
    srvctl status asm -n rac1
    ASM instance +ASM1 is running on node rac1.

    srvctl status asm -n rac2
    ASM instance +ASM2 is running on node rac2.

    List all configured databases
    srvctl config database

    Display configuration for our RAC database
    srvctl config database -d devdb
    rac1 devdb1 /u01/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1
    rac2 devdb2 /u01/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1

    Display the configuration for node applications - (VIP, GSD, ONS, Listener)
    srvctl config nodeapps -n rac1 -a -g -s -l
    VIP exists.: /rac1-vip/
    GSD exists.
    ONS daemon exists.
    Listener exists.

    Display the configuration for the ASM instance(s)
    srvctl config asm -n rac1
    +ASM1 /u01/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1

    Sequence to Start and Stop Services : Sequence-to-Start-and-Stop-RAC-Services

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