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Thread: Start ,Stop,Enable,Disable Clusterware Processes / Daemons in Oracle RAC

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    Start ,Stop,Enable,Disable Clusterware Processes / Daemons in Oracle RAC

    Starting and Stopping of the Clusterware Processes needs to be done as root user.

    Here ohasd refers to Oracle High Availability Services Daemon Link to Oracle Clusterware

    crsctl start/stop crs - Manage start/stop the entire Oracle Clusterware stack on a node, including the OHASD process, this command is to be used only on the local node..

    crsctl start/stop cluster - Manage start/stop the Oracle Clusterware stack on local node if you do not specify either -all or -n and nodes remote if option -n or -all be specified , NOT including the OHASD process. You can't start/stop clusterware stack without OHASD process running.

    crsctl check crs
    This command verifies that the above background daemons are functioning.

    To check the processes => There are three main background processes you can see when doing a
    ps –ef|grep d.bin.

    crsctl disable crs
    This command will prevent CRS from starting on a reboot. Note there is no return output from the command.

    crsctl enable crs
    Enable CRS on reboot

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