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Thread: Change Logo, Background and SplashScreen of Oracle APPS 11i

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    Change Logo, Background and SplashScreen of Oracle APPS 11i

    Change Logo, Background and SplashScreen of Oracle APPS 11i

    Refer to the following notes:

    [Note: 119319.1 - How to Replace Oracle Logo with Company Logo on Applications 11i Sign-On Screen|]

    [Note: 404381.1 - How To Make Simple Custom Changes To The JTFLOGIN Page|]

    [Note: 395663.1 - How to change the Corporate Branding Image System Wide in the E-business Suite|]

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    There are 4 main logos screens in the signon process of Rel 11i
    Initial Screen (with Jinitiator Download notice)
    Splash Screen
    FNDSCSGN (Applictaions Signon Screen)
    ICXINDEX.htm (Self Service Signon Screen)

    Changing the images that appear when signing on to Oracle Applications R11i
    is a customization of that form. Applications sign-on form FNDSCSGN contains
    a procedure called START_UP that uses a built-in READ_IMAGE_FILE to call the
    logo image file from the operating system at the runtime.

    The signon Form uses both the JAR files and files stored on the file system.
    Applying any patches that modifies JAR files can revert to the default logo and
    must be modified each time, and is therefore NOT supported.

    I. First when you call the dynamic html page from the Rel 11i Portal Page


    This logo.gif file can be found and replaced in the directory


    II. Next a Splash screen pops up while the jar files are loading and then goes
    away. This screen picture is called splash.gif.
    can be changed in FORMS60/java/oracle/forms/icons/splash.gif

    This Web Developer logo appears as a splash screen on Applications 11i Startup.
    This is due to the missing Apps logo in 11i. The original fix was to copy the
    Appslogo.gif (or your company logo) over the Developer logo
    FORMS60/java/oracle/forms/icons/splash.gif .

    The new fix (rerelease of 11iRI) is to ADD the Appslogo.gif (or your company logo)
    into $FND_TOP/media/splash.gif from where it can be AD copied (or manually
    copied) to $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/media/

    Next, we need to point to it in $OA_HTML/bin/appsweb.cfg by adding the PATH
    to the splashScreen= line of appsweb.cfg .
    like this....


    This will be fixed in the appsweb.cfg of Rapid Installer for 11.5.2 according to BUG

    III. $FNDTOP/media/logo.gif is where you change for the Self Service signon screen

    IV. Changing the actual FNDSCSGN SignOn screen, which is an Oracle Form.
    there are two logo/pictures in this window.

    The SignOn screen FNDSCSGN references a *.gif file called logo.gif and tries to get
    it from the JAR file FNDAOL.jar, if it doesn't find it then it looks for it on the file
    system, so you need to replace logo.gif in both places.


    You can use WinZip to open FNDAOL.jar and replace (delete then add) the logo.gif file.

    Clear your Client PC's browser cache and delete all the files in jcache

    c:\Program Files\oracle\Jinitiator11727\jcache\*.*

    to download the new jar files and the changes.

    For Changing the Look ad Feel , Refer to : Changing-Look-and-feel-of-Oracle-Application

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    thanks Hemant

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