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Thread: Adrelink in Oracle APPS 11i

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    Adrelink in Oracle APPS 11i

    Ad Relink in Oracle APPs 11i

    1. What is AD Relink used for ?
    AD Relink is used to relink AD executables. The other executables must be relinked using adadmin.

    This must be done when:
    * the executable programs become corrupt
    * the executable programs are accidentally deleted
    * the server libraries are updated

    NOTE: If an executable needs to be relinked during a patching this will be done automatically by AutoPatch.

    2. Which UNIX account has to run the AD Relink ?
    The owner of the Middle-Tier (applmgr)
    3. How to run AD Relink force={y|n} [<optional args>] <targets> => to relink programs individually
    or: force={y|n} [<optional args>] filelist=<file> => to relink many programs (are written in a "filelist" file)

    <targets> = { <product module> [<product module>] ... }
    <product module> = "<product> <module name>"
    - <product> should be in lower case
    - <module name> should exactly match the executable name
    Valid <optional args> are:
    Used only by the 'adsetup' script
    Will we link executables with debug or not? Default is 'n'
    Which executables will we back up when linking with force=y?
    Default is 'file'. Meanings are:
    - none: do not back up any executables
    - all : back up all executables
    - file: do what $APPL_TOP/admin/adlinkbk.txt says to do

    a) force={y|n} is used to specify whether to relink regardless of the status of the library or object files.
    b) is situated in $AD_TOP/bin/ directory.

    4. AD Relink Examples
    To get some adrelink examples you can type
    $ examples

    [oracle@APPS ~]$ examples
    adrelink sample command lines:
    To relink adpatch:
    ' force=y "ad adpatch"'
    To relink adpatch, adsplice, and adadmin:
    ' force=y "ad adpatch" "ad adsplice" "ad adadmin"'
    To relink all AD executables:
    ' force=y "ad all"'

    Type ' examples filelist' for "filelist mode" information.

    5. AD Relink on Concurrent Processing Server and Forms Server
    If you are relinking files on the Concurrent Processing Server => Shut down the Concurrent Managers before relink operation.
    If you are relinking files on the Forms Server => All Oracle Applications users must be logged off before relink operation.

    To relink the techstack ie the ORACLE_HOMES , refer to : Relink-Applications-11i-and-R12
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    Relink of module "WICMEX" failed during cu2 patch

    can we ignore them or hot to resolve it
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    You should always resolve the relink error first for that module and then continue with the patching.!

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