Responsibility not visible to the user in the list of responsibilities assigned to the user:

Most of the item when you add a responsibility it will not appear immediately in the OA page list, but you can see it in the forms application list of responsibilities. Incase if you have similar issues, you can do the below steps to resolve.

1. Check if the responsibility is not end dated.
2. Run the request " Syn responsibility role data into the WF table".
3. Run the request " Synchronize WF LOCAL tables" enter the parameters
- Orig System: ALL
- Parallel Process:0
- Logging Mode: LOGGING (Logging Activated)
- Temporary Tablespace : Blank
- Riase Errors: Yes
4. Run the request "Workflow Directory Services User/Role Validation" enter the parameters
- p_BatchSize:10000
- Fix dangling user/roles : Yes
- Add missing user/role assignments : Yes
- Update WHO columns in WF tables: Yes
5. Log off and login back and verify that the responsibility appears.