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Thread: Opatch Options

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    Opatch Options

    Patching Procedure to apply a patch using opatch has been covered in :
    Applying database patch using opatch

    The most commonly-used commands running OPatch are:

    1. opatch apply ...
    This command applies a patch from the patch directory. The OUI inventory is updated with the patch's information.

    2. opatch rollback ....
    This is the command to rollback or undo a patch installation. The respective patch information is removed from the inventory.

    3. opatch lsinventory
    lsinventory lists all the patches installed on the Oracle Home.

    4. opatch lsinventory -detail
    lsinventory -detail gives list of patches and products installed in the ORACLE_HOME.

    5. opatch version
    version option displays the version of OPatch installed.

    6. opatch napply
    napply applies the patches in a directory. This is used while applying a patch that is a bundle of individual patches. napply eliminates the overhead of running opatch multiple times by the administrator. The napply option skips subsets or duplicates if they are already installed.

    7. opatch nrollback
    nrollback rolls back the patches using the IDs specified.

    8. opatch apply -minimize_downtime
    This is specific to Real Application Clusters (RAC) enabled instances (DB tier patches). The -minimize_downtime option allows you to apply a patch by bringing down one database server instance at a time. OPatch applies the patch to the quiesced server instance, the instance is brought back up, and then OPatch moves on to the next database server in a Real Application Clusters pool.

    9. opatch apply -force
    -force overrides conflicts with an existing patch by removing the conflicting patch from the system.

    Caution: This option should be only used when explicitly it is said safe to be used in the README of the patch.

    10. opatch apply -invPtrLoc <...>
    The option -invPtrLoc can be used to specify the oraInst.loc file in case it's not in the default location e.g., /etc/oraInst.loc in Linux. The argument to this option is the location of this file.

    11. opatch query
    The query command can be used to find out useful information about the patch

    Syntax to be used:

    opatch query [-all] [-jre <LOC> ] [-oh <LOC> ] \ [-get_component] [-get_os] [-get_date] [-get_base_bug] \[-is_rolling_patch] [-is_online_patch] \ [-has_sql] [ <Patch Location> ]

    Retrieves all information about a patch. This is equivalent to setting all available options.

    Retrieves bugs fixed by the patch.

    Retrieves components the patch affects.

    Retrieves the patch creation date and time.

    Indicates true if the patch is an online patch. Otherwise, the option is false.

    Indicates true if the patch is a rolling patch. Otherwise, the option is false.

    Specifies the Oracle home directory to use instead of the default directory. This takes precedence over the ORACLE_HOME environment variable.

    Patch Location
    Indicates the path to the patch location. If you do not specify the location, OPatch assumes the current directory is the patch location.

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