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Thread: Troubleshooting a Patch Failure - adpatch

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    Troubleshooting a Patch Failure - adpatch

    1) Check the patch log file : Log file for adpatch or apps patch will exist as specified while running adpatch The default location is $APPL_TOP/admin/SID/log with name adpatch.log.

    2) See on which worker the Patch has failed.
    Check the Worker log for the failed Worker at the same location ($APPL_TOP/admin/SID/log) by the name adwork<worker_number>.log.

    To Note that Workers are controlled by adctrl.
    Based on the error in the log , fix the problem ; Use adctrl ; select option restart failed worked & then give worker number you want to restart to confirm if problem is fixed.

    There can be different types of files / errors causing job failures :
    ================================================== =
    Types of files

    a) odf files : Object Definition Files

    -odf files are there to create tables ,indexes and view etc.

    b) pls scripts :

    -If the failed pls scripts are for creating stored procedure or packages

    c) sql Scripts:

    -Failure on the SQL Script

    d) WFLOAD and FNDLOAD failure- Look for the error message in the log file of the worker that fails.

    ================================================== =


    1) Try to execute the failing sql / pls manually and see the results

    2) Check the Alert Log

    If any of the workers failed due to insufficient tablespace, then add the space , restart the failed worker.

    3) Check the database session waits - There could be enqueues.
    Check the locks and locked objects to ensure that the session applying the patch is now waiting on a lock. If so need to diagnose , kill the session holding the lock.
    (Scripts for database Diagnosis provoded in the database Scripts Section)

    4) -For WFLOAD and FNDLOAD, you need to look at the log file generated by the above command. The worker’s logfile should point you to the location of the log file.

    5) If adpatch fails to generate reports or forms. it is ok to skip these failure as you can always regenerate them after patching.

    6) If it fails for a Pre-req patch and a lot of downtime has already lapsed :

    If you want to skip a worker , this option is not visible & do it using adctrl option 8 . It is not a good idea to skip the failed worker without consulting from oracle.

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