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Thread: License / Install a new Module using

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    License / Install a new Module using

    1. After purchasing a license for an Application Product/Module, the first thing is to use license manager to record that the product/module is now licensed. License manager can be run 2 ways:

    a. log in through Oracle Application Manager (OAM) and select Site Map -> Administration tab -> License Manager

    b. run from AD_TOP/bin

    Using both methods you can license by Module or by individual Product. Select the check box for the Module/Product to be licensed and Save/Next

    2. The Products are now licensed but not ready to be used as none of the Forms/Packages etc would have been compiled and loaded into the Database for these new Products. Use adadmin to generate the files for the new Product/s

    a. run adadmin

    b. Select Generate Application Files menu

    c. Select all of the following Menu options and generate files related to that module :

    - Generate message files
    - Generate forms files
    - Generate report files
    - Generate graphic files
    - Generate product JAR files

    d. Back to Main Menu

    e. Select Compile/Reload Applications Database Entities menu

    f. Select all of the following Menu options:
    - Compile APPS schema
    - Compile menu information
    - Compile flexfields

    3. Once complete, check that the Forms/JSPs for the new Products licensed now work. The Products are now ready to be configured.

    4. Run autoconfig

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    What's the difference between adsplice and both work same...??

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    Adsplice is an ad utility which is used to add off-cycle products to oracle apps i.e. products released between maintenance packs.

    Download the product patch which contains information about the new product,adplice control file and other associated files. Go through the readme and apply pre-reqs if any. Now for using adsplice there is a control file newprods.txt. A typical newprods.txt looks like->


    If we are using OFA tablespace model then we need to change the last 4 parameters else for OATM it is optional.

    One can then copy it in $APPL_TOP/admin and run adsplice from applmgr user and follow the prompts.Then we can verify that product is correctly spliced or not using adutconf.sql (AD Configuration report). We need to logout and login again so that the new environment is set.We can then verify that new <PROD>_TOP environment variable is set and need to apply the patches for newly added product

    Licensing Products in 11i: and vs. OAM license manager is the command line tool used in the olden days, which requires a X session and command prompt access to the applications server. In order to avoid problems, you first export the classpath, change to the right directory, and then launch it:

    $ export CLASSPATH=$AD_TOP/java/$CLASSPATH
    $ cd $AD_TOP/bin
    $ ./


    From here, you wander through a few screens and try to find the product you wish to license, or, alternatively, you can review what is already licensed.



    I happened to be looking for Procurement, and it was nowhere to be found on the list. To make things worse, the list isn’t even sortable!

    I gave up on this and went into the OAM version of license manager… what an improvement! The URL for OAM is, as a reminder:

    https or http://appserverhostname:port/servle...m/oam/oamLogin


    From here, you get to this screen; I used the Products link under License at this point…



    From here, I landed at this screen which had a few options.

    Despite my screen shot, the correct selection to simply add 1 product is License Component Application.


    From here, it’s just follow the bouncing ball; select the component by checking it, hit next, next and you are told:

    That’s all there was to it… if I was using the command line program, I believe I’d still be looking for the product… or it could be that it’s just not as updated with the new product names and abbreviations as OAM is.

    I should make one final disclaimer: Just because you’re able to license a product doesn’t mean you’re legally able to use it. In other words, if you bought the 11i ERP for one product, there’s nothing to stop you from illegally licensing the whole suite. Except an army of Oracle lawyers if they ever catch you in an audit…

    For more on adlicmgr-sh we also have a post :


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