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Thread: AD Utilities in Oracle Applications 11i / R12

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    AD Utilities in Oracle Applications 11i / R12

    AD Utilities

    The AD utilities are a group of tools designed to install, upgrade,maintain, and patch a specific set of products contained in a given release of Oracle Applications.

    AD Administration (adadmin)

    AD Administration (adadmin) performs maintenance tasks on an installed Oracle Applications system. The tasks performed with this utility fall into two categories: database and file system. On the AD Administration screens, you can choose tasks from three menus:

    1) Generate Applications Files Menu
    - Relink Applications programs
    - Generate message files
    - Generate form files
    - Generate report files
    - Generate graphics files
    - Generate product JAR files

    2) Maintain Applications Database Objects Menu
    - Validate APPS schema(s)
    - Compile APPS schema(s)
    - Compile menu information
    - Recreate grants and synonyms for APPS schema(s)
    - Compile flexfield data in AOL tables
    - Maintain multi-lingual tables
    - Check DUAL table
    - Reload JAR files to database
    - Maintain Multiple Reporting Currencies schema
    - Convert to MultiOrg or Multiple Reporting Currencies

    3) Maintain Applications Files Menu
    - Create Applications environment file
    - Copy files to destinations
    - Convert character set
    - Maintain snapshot information
    - Check for missing files

    AutoUpgrade (adaimgr)

    AutoUpgrade is the utility that is run after completion of the basic installation tasks with Rapid Install to perform tasks such as updating database objects or converting to industry-specific modules.

    AutoPatch (adpatch)

    AutoPatch is used to apply individual patches, mini-packs, maintenance packs, or consolidated update patches. A mini-pack is a cumulative collection of individual patches for a product, while a maintenance pack is a collection of mini-packs for all Applications products.

    AD Merge Patch (admrgpch)

    This utility merges multiple AutoPatch compatible patches into a single integrated patch. It will not merge patches of different releases or other incompatibilities.

    AD Controller (adctrl)

    AD Controller is used in conjunction with AD Administration, AutoUpgrade, and AutoPatch to determine the status of AD utilities workers and restart failed AD utilities tasks.

    File Character Set Conversion (adncnv)

    File Character Set Conversion is used to convert the character set of unloaded files. File character set conversion for files is normally done automatically by the Rapid Install and by AutoPatch.

    AD Configuration (adutconf.sql)

    This SQL script reports standard information about the installed configuration of Oracle Applications. It generates a file called adutconf.lst that provides information about product groups, MultiOrg and Multiple Reporting Currency (MRC) installations, as well as installed products.

    AD File Identification (adident)

    With AD File Identification, you can identify the version of one or more Oracle Applications files. This utility is useful for collecting information about your site when contacting Oracle Support Services.

    AD Splicer (adsplice)

    Use AD Splicer to install products that were not included in the current Oracle Applications release. It modifies your APPL_TOP and database so AutoPatch and AD Administration can recognize the new product as being valid.

    ODF Comparison (adodfcmp)

    Use ODF Comparison to compare, and/or modify selected data model building blocks, within the database, with the standard data model from the current release of Oracle Applications.

    AD Relink (

    Use this utility to relink AD utility executable programs with the Oracle Server product libraries. For relinking product modules other than AD, use adadmin.

    DataMerge (addmimp)

    Similar to the Oracle import utility, this utility runs during an upgrade to import seed data needed by Oracle Applications.

    License Manager (

    Use the Oracle Applications License Manager to license new additional products or languages to your Oracle Applications installation.

    Build Javakey Files (adjkey)

    This is an Oracle provided executable that is a wrapper around Sun's javakey program. It is used to create the digital certificate files adsign.txt,appltop.cer, and identitydb.obj (required post install step in versions prior to 11.5.7).

    Repackage JInitiator (

    This is an Oracle provided shell script that is used to repackage JInitiator and the certificate into a self-extracting executable (oajinit.exe).

    Auto Config (

    This script is used to rebuild all instance specific scripts, configuration files, login profiles, etc associated with the application environment. Used when cloning one application environment to another or after applying a patch that requires one or more configuration files to be regenerated.

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