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Thread: Types of Patches

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    Types of Patches

    Standalone (one-off) Patch: Addresses a single fix or enhancement. Standalone patches are released only when there is an immediate need for a fix or enhancement that cannot wait until an aggregate bundling is available. Although standalone patches are intended to be as small as possible, they usually include any dependent files that have changed since the base release in order to form a complete patch that can be applied by any customer. The actual number of files changed will depend on the current code level on the system to which the patch is being applied.

    Rollup Patch (RUP): An aggregation of patches that may be at the functional level, or at a specific product/family release level. For example, a Flexfields rollup patch contains all the latest patches related to Flexfields at the time the patch was created. A Marketing Family 11.5.10 rollup patch contains all the latest Marketing patches released since, and applicable to, 11.5.10.

    Minipack: An aggregation of patches at the product level. For example, Inventory Minipack G (11i.INV.G) contains all the latest patches for the Inventory product at the time the minipack was created. Minipacks are named in alphabetical sequence such as 11i.INV.E, 11i.INV.F, 11i.INV.G, and so on. Minipacks are cumulative. In other words, 11i.INV.G contains everything in 11i.INV.F, which contains everything in 11i.INV.E, and so on. The terms patchset and minipack are often used interchangeably.

    Family Pack: An aggregation of patches at the product family level. For example, Financials Family Pack C (11i.FIN_PF.C) contains all the latest patches for products in the Financials family at the time the family pack was created. Family product codes always end in “_PF” and family packs are given alphabetical sequence such as 11i.HR_PF.B, 11i.HR_PF.C, and 11i.HR_PF.D. Family packs are cumulative. In other words, Discrete Manufacturing Family Pack G (11i.DMF_PF.G) contains everything in 11i.DMF_PF.F, which contains everything in 11i.DMF_PF.E, and so on. Maintenance Pack: An aggregation of patches for all products in the E-Business Suite. For example, Release 11.5.10 Maintenance Pack contains all the latest code level for all products at the time 11.5.10 was created. Maintenance packs are numbered sequentially such as 11.5.8, 11.5.9, 11.5.10, and are cumulative. In other words, 11.5.10 contains everything in 11.5.9, which contains everything in 11.5.8, and so on.

    In addition to the patches in a maintenance pack, Oracle also packages a new Rapid Install at each maintenance pack release level. So Applications Release 11.5.10CU2 Rapid Install contains the same applications code level that a customer would get if they applied the Release 11.5.10CU1 Maintenance Pack on an earlier 11i release level. Note that the technology stack could still be different because Rapid Install includes the latest certified technology stack. The maintenance pack includes only Applications code.

    Maintenance packs can be downloaded from OracleMetaLink or ordered as a CD Pack from the Oracle Store.

    Patches can also be organized by purpose.
    Diagnostic Patch: Used to gather additional information when a product failure cannot be reproduced by Oracle. The additional information assists Oracle Support Services and Oracle Development in resolving the failure.

    Interoperability Patch: Allows Oracle Applications to function properly with a newer version of the technology stack. Interoperability patches are typically required with new versions of the database or Applications technology stack.

    Translated Patch: A non-English version of a patch. Release 11i supports 30 non-English languages. Customers who are using languages other than English, need to apply the corresponding translated patch(es) for the languages they are using in addition to any base US patch(es).

    Merged Translation Patch: Provided in real time (without requiring a translator) in the event a translated patch is not available when a customer needs it. A merged translation patch is applied just like a fully translated patch. The fully translated patch is escalated and is usually available within 24 hours. It can be applied safely on top of a merged translation patch.

    Translation Fix: Provided in the event a translation word choice is inappropriate. A translation fix is applied just like a translated patch, except there is no corresponding base US patch.

    New Feature Patch: Introduces new functionality and/or products. It is applied using standard patching utilities.

    Consolidated Update (CU): Improves and streamlines the upgrade and maintenance processes by consolidating certain post-release patches. Most recommended patches and rollups for a particular maintenance release are consolidated into a single patch that is installed immediately following application of a maintenance pack or a new installation of Rapid Install. Updates in the CU are predominantly error corrections.

    Family Consolidated Upgrade Patch: Consolidates all upgrade-related patches from all the products within a product family. Family consolidated upgrade patches are released as needed and are applicable only if you are upgrading to Release 11i from Release 10.7 or 11.0.

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