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Thread: Snapshot too old other solution

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    Snapshot too old other solution

    Apart from increasing undo retention What could be another solution or what can we do further?

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    With Automatic Undo Management :

    - Increase the Undo Retention
    - Make sure you have increased the Undo Tabalespace size so that it can hold more undo , as per new undo retention value

    To make sure that one session is not causing the problems on the complete instance
    - Check which program / user is consuming too much of Undo , and ask him to introduce more frequent commits , or not run his program during peak business hours

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    Hi, You can also guarantee your undo retention.

    what this setting does is it never expires undo data whose age is less than the undo retention period.

    Ex: Check your undo tablespace name

    SQL>show parameter tablespace;

    check whether it is in guarantee mode or not.

    SQL>select tablespace_name, retention from dba_tablespaces
    where tablespace_name = 'UNDOTBS1';

    it will either show a value of "GUARANTEE" or "NOGUARANTEE".

    to put it in guarantee mode execute the following:

    SQL>alter tablespace undotbs1 retention guarantee;

    CAUTION:This feature can cause DML operations to fail if the undo tablespace is not big enough.
    But, with proper settings, long-running queries can complete without risk of receiving the "snapshot too old" message.

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